Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things to look forward to

Lense implant surgery soon (February 13th for the right eye about 90 days later for the left eye)- no more glasses or contacts.

New Semester with new students - a chance to ignite the potential in science.

Sun is staying up longer - more minutes of sunshine.

Going to see the Newsboys in Concert in March - Eli missed them at Sonshine last summer because of Tornado Warnings (not so good for an outdoor event!).

Easter is on it's way - One of my favorite holidays!

My birthday is in March - the older I get the less appeal birthdays have, but it is a sign that summer is on the way.

Mona (mother -in-law) is recovering from total knee replacement surgery and will be able to drive soon - it's just a long drive to help with groceries and mail.

I have to make lists like this on occasion as winter drags on and we are stuck in the house. Thanks for reading.


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Cheri said...

With posts like these, you may want to join Weekend Reflections. It's a weekly event that gives you the chance to list what you're grateful for in the last week.
Miss you (but not the MN cold!)