Thursday, January 11, 2007

Skiing with Eli

Charity likes to swim. It is nice and warm in the pool area - no need for extra clothing. Eli on the other hand likes to ski. He loves to be outdoors. He is a lot like his father in this way. It also keeps his lazy mom active. We really haven't had any snow here in Minnesota this year - so we have not been very excited to go skiing. They always make snow, but for this Colorado native it is like skiing on ice pellets. I have truly been spoiled by the real snow in the Rocky Mountains. (Cheri - I have never been to the Alps to ski, but my guess is that MidWestern skiing would be mighty disappointing coming from almost anywhere!).

Anyway, enough complaining. Roger, Eli and I went skiing this last weekend. Eli is taking lessons and we actually bought Sunday passes at a local hill. Eli loves to go up the hill on the towrope and manuever on the snow. It is so fun to watch as a parent to see the joy. We only skiied for a couple of hours. I end up getting cold or tired by the end of this and that is the length of Eli's lessons. He had a great time and slept very well after the physical activity.

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Cheri said...

We haven't been skiing here yet. I'm hoping to go this winter, but the snow situation is bad in Europe right now too.

One thing I did hear though - no tow ropes! Can you believe that? I can't imagine the kids (ok, or myslf) getting on the little lifts and seats right off the bat!