Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maybe I wasn't ready to drive

Well, I had eye surgery and was basically stuck at home afterward because I was not suppose to drive until the next day. I just needed to rest my eye and let the anesthesia wear off.

So, I had a full day of errands planned for Wednesday. Drop Eli off at VBS, go for a follow-up for my eye, post office, etc. Well, things didn't quite go as I planned! I ended up getting in my first accident ever! (At least one caused by me!). I was so embarrassed. I just wasn't paying enough attention. Luckily (or not so lucky) she attends my church and didn't seem too upset - the damage to her SUV was minimal while I have $2500 worth on my car. Please pray that this is a simple accident claim - no lawyers or anything.

Interesting how an accident makes me feel - like everyone can tell by the big scrape on your car. It has become this big spiritual thing for me - how we hide behind how we look when God looks on the outside. I am strange - I know. I am just thankful that we are okay - no injuries - except my pride, which probably needed to be knocked down a notch anyway.

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