Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Connie Over at Little Red Hears From God gave me this award.

This is my first award! Like I told her, I started this blog for my own use and it has become such a connection place for me with challenging thoughts in bible study and in the comments that those of you leave.

I want to pass this on to several women that inspire me as I read their life stories online.

1. Cheri, over at Keeping up with HIS plans, definitely gets an award from me. She moved across the ocean before we even go to know each other and this blog concept has helped us nurture a friendship that would not have survived such long distances otherwise. She is honest in her writing and shares her struggles and triumphs. Way to rock girl!

2. Mindy over at Ponderings of the Heart challenges me to be honest as I read her responses to In Other Words and the I AM study. She encourages me to be thankful for all the God has provided and shares all that God is teaching her. She is an inspiration!

3. Susanne over at Living to tell the Story has showed me the joy of living over the border in Canada. I enjoy her reading reviews, which is also a passion of mine. She is funny and joyful with praise given to the King. Thanks Susanne.

For all the blogs that rock - thanks!


Susanne said...

Cyndee: I am very honored. What a nice surprise! I always love it when I get to know another book lover and someone who loves the Lord.

I was just reading how you got your name "Riezzee". Very interesting. Kudo's to you for connecting with your student's. I can't imagine it being easy connecting with that age group.

Mindy said...

Hi Cyndee.
I am so speechless that you chose me for this award.
I am really honored by it and totally undeserving!
Thanks again!

Cheri said...

This is my first award - thank you so very much!

But now I have to think of others to nominate...

Connie Barris said...

wonderful choices...

I have visited their sites and they are sweet blogs..

awesome.... girl...