Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fighting in the car

I have the privilege (or punishment some days) of picking up the kids after work from daycare. The fall is pretty easy because Charity is in swimming and Roger picks her up from the pool on his way home. The spring is similar with Charity being involved in Synchronized swimming after school.

This time of year is hard. Charity rides the bus to the high school and does her homework while I tutor kids after school or grade papers until about 4pm. We then drive over to get Eli from daycare - and then the fighting begins. Now, keep in mind that our house is literally only about 7 minutes from our daycare. I don't know how they can get into it. So, we as parents have tried to provide the best environment to keep them from fighting - mostly so that I can keep my eyes on the road and not end up in the ditch.

We know that kids will fight given the opportunity, so we tried to eliminate that opportunity. We bought a car with three rows so that they could have their own seat and avoid the whole "he is on my side of the car" or the classic "he is touching me". I often wonder how a 13 year old and 7 year old could have enough in common to fight about, but they know each others buttons and push them at every chance they get. We also have a DVD system in the car - but they fight over which DVD to watch! What happened to good old watching out the window and counting out-of-state license plates? The world has definitely changed!

Okay, so I am venting a little here. I just get frustrated when the screaming begins at 4:15pm every day in the car because they both want to tell me about their day and nobody wants to listen. Or, Charity is playing with her cellphone recording our conversation or taking goofy pictures. Yesterday, I just stopped the car and got out. I just couldn't handle the noise and distraction anymore. I basically gave myself a timeout. I was having a parenting crisis and needed someone like super nanny to help me.

Don't misunderstand me - most of the time my kids are wonderful in the car. They listen to music or watch a DVD without hassle. The car ride is generally a relaxing thing - except for that after school time. Hungry, tired siblings in a car together is not a good thing! Luckily my car drive is only 7 minutes....


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Cheri said...

Can I just tell you that you're blessed to have the children argue with each other? Because kids argue about everything - it's in their nature - something about that curse your own parents laid on you to have a child just like you.

See - we have just The Boy. Keep in mind, kids need to argue. Guess who The Boy argues with? Us. I cannot believe how much bickering goes on. He's mastered the art of pushing buttons, believe me!