Friday, February 02, 2007

A true Minnesota February

For those of you reading that don't live in the northern states, we are finally getting our cold snap. The temperature this weekend is not suppose to get above zero. I have found after living here for 16 years now (originally a Colorado native) that Minnesotans pride themselves on how cold it gets. We definitely are missing the snow this year, but the cold is back. I don't know that this part of the country would mind if we did experience a little bit of global warming.

So, as a science teacher, I try to find some fun things to do outside when we experience these cold temperatures. Here are a couple of things to try if the weather get to about 10 to 20 below zero.

- Bring some boiling water outside in a cup and throw it into the air. You make an instant cloud as the water instantly condenses.

- Blow bubbles. The cold air freezes the bubbles. If they land without breaking, you can poke them and see them shatter like glass.

Try it if you can, but bundle up!!


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