Monday, February 05, 2007


Well - we decided to venture out into the cold and go to a rodeo. Yes, the rodeo was inside a nice warm coliseum. Well, it was sort of warm. It was at the Xcel Energy Center where the Wild hockey team plays. So, under the dirt there was refrigerator pipes keeping us on the cool side.

I went to a rodeo when I lived in Colorado. This was a big deal at the end of January. I think that I went on school field trips there (mom, does this sound right?). This rodeo on Friday was just three events - bare back bronco riding, saddle bronco riding and bull riding. The bull riding is always the most exciting. What is it about the greater chance of death that draws a crowd? We went as a family and had good cheap seats. Roger found it fascinating and kept asking me why they got the score they got. I didn't know anymore about it then he did. I was learning as I watched. Charity even found it slightly entertaining.

This is definitely a sub-culture, similar but different to NASCAR fans. They like their beer and are patriotic to a fault - maybe a lot more like me than I want to admit. The women behind us had a few too many $6 beers and screamed the whole night, but overall I think it was a hit. We might even go to the high school rodeo event down the road come summer...

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