Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roger speaking spanish

Charity is taking Spanish 1 this year. She really likes it. I know enough basic words to understand her for now. Roger is convinced that all you need to do to speak Spanish is just add an "o" on the end of an English word- and for some words that works. For instance, telefono.

We decided to sponsor a child through Compassion and picked a child from Guatemala since I had gone there a couple of summers ago with my church. Our child named Dany wrote us a letter in Spanish and Charity translated it for us (even though the translation was on the back for us). Roger in his braveness tried to join the conversation saying, Esta bien - mucho gusto. Which mean "I am good and like it very much". Charity and I just laughed and laughed. My husband is such a good sport and laughed with us. Good times.


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