Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April sorrows

Just a couple of thoughts today.

My Uncle Victor passed away this past weekend. He had just reconnected with me last fall. We were not especially close - he lived in Missouri while as a child I grew up in Colorado. We would visit every couple of years as a kid to see him and my grandmother. I also spent a week or so there when I was sixteen. I miss him because whenever he talked with me, he was always so proud. He understood my life without me having to explain it - he knew how far God had taken me. I am hoping that my life was a reflection of the goodness of Christ. I want to believe that he knew Christ, it is too sad if he didn't. I had a good cry and hugged my family.

I have read the blogs about the VA shootings. My first response is denial - how could this be happening again? Then I hear a news story about a teacher that sacrificed his life to protect his students. I am a high school teacher and I wonder how I would respond. Could and would I do the same for my students? I always hope that I would have the courage and love (see In Other Words post about sacrifice) to impact my students in such a significant way. Please pray that the Lord will use what Satan intended for evil for good.

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Cheri said...

First - my sympathies on the passing of your uncle.I often wonder how many of my friends and family have truly accepted Christ, and pray that I will be able to spend eternity with ones who mean so much to me.

Next. We're in VA vacationing. It's not talked about much (touristy area). But it's all over the news. I'm shocked at how much the news stateside shows these days. We've gotten used to not seeing everything. We don't miss it.

Yes, it's shocking. We've heard through friends that people in South Korea are nervous about how Americans will view the incident in relation to South Koreans. I'd like to think we can separate the two, but I'm not sure.

Miss you.