Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Heart of the Story

At the heart of the story stands the cross
of Christ where evil did
its worst and met its match."

~ John Wenham ~

I have not done a very good job at remembering Easter this year. Reading what Iris wrote here brings me back to the whole reason that we celebrate Easter at all. It is Jesus' dying and living that we need to remember. I heard Tony Campolo say " Friday is here, but Sunday is a comin'" On this side of the cross, we know what happened and why, but the disciples and his followers did not know that Sunday was going to be the best day of all.

I am also reminded of a perspective that Max Lucado had in one of his books. He tells the story of Creation and creating man. One of the angels asks why he gave man free-will. God wanted a being (us) to worship Him freely. But God knew from the beginning that we would sin and turn from Him and that He would have to redeem us. And He created us anyway! God knew that He would have to send His only son Jesus to suffer and die on the cross - the worst possible death in all of history - to save us! And God still choose to create us - to make us in His own image! God did not have to give us life - but He so wanted a relationship with us. What an amazing love that is!

Thank you for helping me remember and take time to thank God for this amazing love that stretches beyond time.



eph2810 said...

Cyndee, what a beautiful reflection on this week's IOW quote. You are right, He wanted us to worship Him with free-will. I think that is why He put the desire in our hearts to search for Him. Just sad that some people fill it with other things and still feel empty.

Blessings to your Easter and always.

Denise said...

Beautifully said, bless you.