Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Reflection #5

Can you say PROM?

I volunteered (sort of, I do get paid) to chaperone prom for our high school. The good thing for me is that I have a guaranteed date. My husband is so wonderful to dress up and join me on this adventure. I just can't pass up spending time with my husband, free pictures, free dinner and I get paid on top of it! Now that our kids are older we really enjoy this time alone together. The students in general act better because they are dressed up - thankfully there were no major issues.

There are always the prom stories - I will share one with you.

Part of the rules for Prom is that once you leave you cannot return. We hope that this discourages use of illegal substances during the Prom. BIG signs are posted at all exits from the building. One couple left the building to "get some air" and could not get back in through that exit since it locked behind them. When they tried to come in the main entrance we told them that the could not come back in. They tried to convince their limo driver to be their advocate/lawyer. I give credit to him for his kindness, but the rules stand for a reason, for the safety of others. He just didn't get it - the kids just had to wait in the lobby. This was the same couple that thinks that not having PDA in the hallways is a suggestion...

We had a good time watching the students dance - they are still dancing to 80's music by the way. They can't dance to the music they listen to now days. We got home way past our bedtime - but we enjoyed our time immensely. I will try to post a picture at some point...stay tuned.

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