Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Reflection #4

I somehow missed last weekend - maybe there wasn't anything exciting to write about. We have had fairly nice weather here on Friday and Sat. The rain moved in Sunday - but you can't have flowers without the rain - so in some ways we welcomed the moisture.

Friday - I bailed on dinner and got take-out from the Village Inn up the street. Charity was at her only overnight for Synchro, so I didn't have to get up early Sat. for practice - Yippee! I then took my glass of Bailey's on ice next door for a candle party. Lots of women laughing and carrying on. I need a Friday night like that on occasion. So, the boys (husband and son) were on their own.

Saturday - I took the day to scrapbook. I really love it and I take a Saturday a couple times a year. I don't have to worry about cooking or snacks - it is built into my registration fee. I was proud of my restraint in the shopping department - I only spent $7.23. You can always buy more "stuff". My problem is that I already have tons of stuff that needs to be used up. I made a commitment to use up my paper and stickers before I spend more money on "new". We then headed over to church. Charity was home when we got back. She had fun and did well at her synchro meet.

Sunday - Well, I had to catch up on laundry and so many things that did not get done on Sat. Plus, it was raining and Eli was bored and Charity was finding entertainment in bothering him. The joys of rainy days. I stepped out for awhile to get a dress for Prom - I help chaperone. I have a standing date with my husband every year. I needed a new nicer dress - my jeans just won't cut it. It is the perfect date - they feed us and I get paid - can't ask for more! We watched the taped NASCAR race - and Jeff Gordon finally won his 76 career race to tie Dale Earnhardt. It was very cool.

Gotta Go - Thanks for reading.


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