Thursday, April 10, 2008

Martha and Mary Book Study - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - The Better Part

Luke 10:42
"There is need of only one thing.
Mary has chosen the better part,
which will not be taken away from her"

I didn't like this chapter. Not because the writing was bad or that it didn't relate to the topic, but because it is something that I struggle with - and really always have. I know in my mind how important it is to spend "quiet time" with God - to build that relationship with Him. I suppose that I need to keep hearing it over and over even though I am into this relationship for over 20 years now.

I ask myself these questions, "Am I just being rebellious because I don't wake up early and meet with Jesus? Can't I meet with God at other times of the day?" Maybe the answer to both is yes. But ultimately, do I meet with God on a regular basis at all? I guess that is where I keep slipping up...

Weaver describes our busy lives like trying to keep many hula hoops going at the same time - work, kids, sports activities, cooking, cleaning, etc. We can do it but we need to be centered and the center is our relationship with Christ. This quote on page 105 got my attention.

"Does it sound harsh to say that cooking or cleaning or taking care of children or doing your job might be sinful? But think about it. The very definition of sin is separation from God. So no matter how important the activity, no matter how good it seems, if I use it as an excuse to hold God at arm's length, it is sin. I need to confess and repent of it so that I can draw close to the Lord once more"

That is a pretty powerful statement! It seems that I need to spend some time remembering the joy of my salvation - go back and remember the grace - and seek His face more consistently.

Dear Jesus, Thank you for forgiving me in my sin every day. I ask for the courage and strength to meet with you more consistently and remember that without you, the rest of life can truly become unbalanced. Amen.

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Cheri said...

have you ever noticed though, that when your anger and frustration are through the roof,when you sit down and examine what's really wrong, you realize you've stopped making your quiet time a priority?

Not that I'm perfect, or even terrific with my quiet time, and I don't do it in the morning, because my husband gets up at 4 and I'm NOT getting up before him, but I try to squeeze it in each day. The important thing is to get it in there.

Are you sitting in the van waiting for Eli or Charity to finish practice? Pencil in your quiet time!