Friday, April 04, 2008

Martha and Mary Book Study - Day 6

Chapter 6 – Kitchen Service

Ecclesiastes 9:10
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

I found this chapter to be the total opposite of the last chapter. This one reminds me that Jesus spent his entire ministry life helping people all the time. He loved people and showed compassion – even when He was tired. I know that I can’t say that I do that.

This is the balancing act that I struggle to follow and maybe this book will make it clearer. We are to find our strength and direction in the Living Room and still serve. Hmm?

I think that Weaver clears it up a little on page 85

“As we ‘abide’ in the intimate relationship with Christ. . . something incredible happens. We begin loving as we never loved before. . . We begin producing fruit. . . Fruit in our lives that tells the world who we are and what our God is like”

Ultimately, it seems that if we are connected to Christ and get to know Him in the way He wants us to, we won’t be able to keep from loving and serving people. Why? Because we will serve for the same reason He did, because we love them.

I am hoping that the next chapter will help to explain how we can find the balance between serving – even out of lover- and not staying connected to Him.

Dear Lord – so much to learn. Teach me to serve out of lover. That I will abide in you and produce fruit. Amen.

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