Thursday, December 04, 2008

Book Review - Riven by Jerry Jenkins

I just devoured this book. I read a review on it in Today's Christian Women magazine and then actually found it on the shelf in the library last week. I liked the Left Behind series that he wrote with Tim LaHaye and wanted to give it a go.

The author's note indicated that this is a book that he has had in his mind and heart for decades and has finally put in on paper. For me, the book did not disappoint. Jenkins does a beautiful job of creating the two main characters, Brady Darby (juvenile delinquent) and Thomas Carey (pastor/Chaplain). By the time they meet in the book you are wanting both of them to see the power of God.

I did not want to put the book down and was captivated by the complexity of the human heart. Jenkins captured the struggles of the characters and allowed us to experience it with them. If you have ever wondered about forgiveness and the Grace of God, this book strikes a chord as to the power of that. Does God's Word have power? This "story/parable" doesn't allow you to sit without thinking about what God can and is willing to do for us.

I highly recommend this book if you get a chance. It is now one of the top ten books on my list.


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Susanne said...

I wondered about this book for my oldest daughter who really enjoy the kids left behind series. She really likes Ted Dekker type allegorical type of books so this sounds like it might be something she'd like.