Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is me and my hubby's 14th anniversary! In my heart and in the spirit we have been married and committed to each other longer than that. This day always reminds me of our humble and sinful beginning - yet, I am grateful for the journey. Let me share...

About sixteen years ago, I had to have the conversation with my boyfriend that no girl wants to have, "I am pregnant." We were without excuse, nobody's fault but ours. I flat out refused to have a second abortion, but also refused to be a single mom. We choose to select adoptive parents together and actually had a couple picked out to give this child to.

Life took a turn the moment Roger looked upon his tiny little daughter. He was enchanted by her - she was real for the first time. We had talked about names and what name I would give a girl. I would name her after my grandmother who loved me and Christ even more at the end of her life. He remembered and had the nurses put that on her birth certificate. So, she was Charity Elise from the beginning.

I signed the papers for foster parents to come and take her for the next 6 weeks - the waiting period for newborn adoptions. I left the hospital with Roger, but without our little girl. It was odd. I remember being exhausted both physically and emotionally. I just wanted to cry!

Roger wanted to "go for a walk". He had never done this before and I was curious. We walked. He said something that I will not forget, "What will happen if we decide to get married and don't have our daughter with us?". I stopped and looked at him. I wasn't quite sure what he was saying. He explained that God opened his eyes when Charity was born and he couldn't imagine his life without both of us in it. (Sometimes he might question it with a teenager in the house:) I kindly reminded him that he would be marrying me and be stuck with me long after this child leaves the house. Did he love me enough without the child?

I was difficult and wanted it all. I wanted a husband that loved me. I wanted a real wedding. I wanted to be engaged. He convinced me and that was the moment that I knew we were in this for "as long as we both shall live".

We called the adoption agency and said that we changed our mind. We had nothing. No diapers, bottles, clothes or bedding. Yet, the Lord in His wisdom brought us together to make a family. We were married when Charity was 16 months old on Dec. 17th 1994.

I am just so blessed today to have so much because of God's faithfulness.

Blessing today

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Susanne said...

Happy Anniversary.

What a wonderful story of God's grace in your life.