Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Awards for my girl

We attended an academic awards banquet for my daughter last night. She was late because of synchro - what else? We sat with a couple of her friends and her parents. It is always interesting to meet the parents of your daughters "friends" from school. We have a saying here at school - the apple doesn't usually fall far from the tree. These are good people, but the kids act just like the parents (as does my own daughter - quite the mirror to be looking into). Luckily, these are kids that are excelling in school and overall achieving.

We got home. My husband was with Eli at a baseball game so he missed the festivities (or the boredom). I am proud of her, but why can't it be more enjoyable? Yikes!

Husband: "So, did you get your award?"

Daughter: "I got a piece of paper."

To her this isn't much of a reward. She knows that in the long run it will help for college, etc. I am hoping that we can find something appropriate (that doesn't cost us a fortune) to recognize her great work in school.

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