Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exciting Friday...

We had a pretty exciting Friday evening. This is the conversation that my husband and I had. We have decided that we can die and go to heaven, because we have seen everything...

Husband: "Hi, listen to this"

He sticks his phone out the window - kinda like that Domino's commercial on NASCAR.

Me: "It is noisy, why is that?"

Husband: " Not sure, I got in the truck and it sounds like something is wrong with the muffler. I am going to go get it checked out."

Me: " Okay, call me later if you need a ride."

He calls back, "You are not going to believe this."

Me: " Well, how much is it going to cost us? What is wrong with the truck anyway?"

Husband: " Someone has cut and stolen the catalytic converter. We can't drive the truck without it because it will cause the check engine light to go off and then we will have to get that fixed"

We were just amazed that this happened. After 10 years of using park and rides, this happens. We think that they stole it for the platinum metal used in the converter. Precious metals are big business - copper pipes have been stolen from abandoned houses in the city. We called the police and our insurance. It is just frustrating, because we have a deductible. This was an unexpected expense - especially prior to summer and our vacation time.

We always ask God "Why?" and then we remember "Why not?". We live in a sinful world with sinful people that desperately need Christ. It is hard to pray for those that hurt you, but it is the only thing we can do. How desperate are they that they steal? God help them!

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Cheri said...

We file events like that under "Things that make you go HMMM". You can't really do anything about them, you didn't do anything to cause them, but they just happen.

That said - I think I would've been just a bit freaked out initially!

PS - thanks for the prayers over our adoption. Only He can guide our path in this!