Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Risk taker

I have noticed that my blog has become my source for my quiet times. It has been a place of reflection on God`s word. I am enjoying Christian Women's Online In Other Words on Tuesday and very much enjoying The Preacher's Wife blog bible study that she spends so much time on for us on Wednesdays. I am seeing the heart of women in ways that are amazing. I am inspired and challenged every time I choose to participate. This is a risk for me - having others see me when I am vulnerable in my writing.

But our 7 year old boy on the other hand is a risk taker in so many other ways! I got a call from the school nurse last Friday. "We were calling to let you know that your son and another boy had a collision on the play ground and he has a fat, bloody lip".

The good mom that I am says "Does he need stitches?".

"No, we just wanted you to know"

Okay then. My boy, like most I suppose, plays like there is no tomorrow. He runs full speed to the next thing. He slides as fast as he can and swings as high as he can. I truly love this about him.

So, along comes Monday. The nurse calls again. I am thinking, what did he run into now.

"Well", the nurse says, "he fell from the rings on the playground when some boy pushed him. He thinks he has a broken arm. Can you come get him?"

This is the phonecall that stresses out working moms and maybe all moms in general. I arrange for another teacher to cover my class and drive over. The arm isn't swollen and he isn't screaming his head off like the last two times he broke bones (I told you he was a risk taker). I am guessing it isn't broken, but I take him to the ER anyway - because my husband will just end up taking him anyway.

Diagnosis - not broken. He wants to play baseball, so this is good. A cast during baseball season on your throwing arm would not be fun. God is watching over us even when we don't acknowledge Him.

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