Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catch of the Day

The Catch of the Day is an email devotional that I get. It is one of the first things that I read when I get to school and check my email for the goings on for the day. It truly puts my mind in the proper perspective. John Fischer - the author - is always bringing in real life examples of what is going on in the world. He really make me think.

I checked out some of the comments on today Catch titled, "What would you bring?". It is referencing the people that are being affected by the wild fires in CA. Many of the answers are typical, but some are very thought provoking. Does this show what we value? Interesting thought.

We did have to evacuate about 8 or 9 years ago because of a fire in a nearby nature reserve. It is the scariest moment to awakened by police at 4 in the morning and asked to grab your valuables and leave. I was ill prepared and did not bring anything that would be needed for a typical MN October. I brought shorts - no long sleeves or pants, my photos and albums (those I would still bring), and the important document folder with insurance/house deed, etc.

One would think that I would be better prepared if this would happen again - I truly hope it doesn't. I would still bring the photo albums (my scrapbookers heart would just break) and better clothes choices. Most of the rest of it is replaceable. I really liked this comment the best and will ponder it for the rest of the day....

I still remember a lesson taught where he posed a thought to ponder: if everything in your house was destroyed in a fire, the only things that would remain were the things that you gave Phillip Azzolina, PA


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Cheri said...

You know, I have no idea what I'd grab. I'd probably be trying to find the cat who'd definately be hiding in some challenging place. That would be after I made sure I was dressed appropriately. One of my worst fears - something will happen in the middle of the night when I'm asleep and less than fully clothed!

Oh - I tagged you for a meme. Stop in and join the fun!