Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daughter's Reminders

I tend to have a one track mind. Once I am at work, I focus on work. If I am home with the family, I focus on serving them. I have a hard time when they cross and they often do. My daughter kept reminding me to get her posterboard for a project - and yes, I kept forgetting to get her some. So, I wrote myself a note and taped it in my car. I often do this if I need to get milk or run another errand on my way home - otherwise I am on autopilot and don't remember until I am in my driveway.

My daughter had another strategy. She left a message on my voicemail and reminded me and then at 4 pm, when I normally leave work, she programmed an alarm on my phone to remind me. My daughter is a digital native - using the gadgets in our lives to make it easier (?). I still resort to pencil and paper and alas, she uses the cell phone. It is just amazing to me.

Blessings today!

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