Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Teaching is my calling

Why did you want to be a teacher?

I get this question a lot, especially since I have a degree in chemistry and could make more money in the business world. My original career goal was to be a family doctor. My husband just laughs - because I am not really good with sick people - including my own family. Sick people drive me nuts. My bed side manner would be horrible. It would be like this, "Take an aspirin, take a nap and call me in the morning". I think that I would have lots of malpractice suits against me. Not a real enjoyable life.

I truly believe that teaching is a calling. Most of us will not go through so much school to get so little positive feedback. I was convinced by God that medical school was not my path during my junior year in college. I was doing it for the money/glory and not the sake of healing people. I grew up relatively poor (American standards here - very rich in the world's economy) and wanted lots of money. I thought that money would solve my problems. God showed me that this was a false god and that I needed to follow a different path.

For once I listened and obeyed. I changed my educational focus to teaching and felt the stress leave. After I reached my goal of having my own classroom many years later, I remember standing in the empty classroom, thanking God with tears in my eyes for the blessing of my life. I was so grateful to be in a place where I could make a difference. I continue to pray that I am doing that.

So, if you are homeschooling, great job! If your kids are in public/private school, say a prayer for your kids teacher. If it is your gifting, maybe send a thank you note for all the hard work they do.


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Susanne said...

I loved this post! A testimony to the blessing that comes from obeying God and changing midstream if that is what God is telling you!