Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Car Smell

We are in the process of shopping for a new vehicle for the husband. He is very much into researching every vehicle. I just know what I like and buy it. He looks at all the safety information while I am concerned about storage and cupholders. It is a good thing that we have each other - as a balancing act. He has narrowed it down to about 4 truck/SUV type vehicles. We want to be "environmentally friendly", but the Hybrids are still about $5000 more than a traditional engine. We still have a few months to pay on my mom-mobile, so it isn't anything urgent. The boy has picked out what he wants.

I will be getting my mid-life crisis car (a red Mazda Miata) way before he get one of these. So, happy autoshow dreaming to all of you out there!



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