Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Synchro begins

My daughter swims on our high school synchronized swimming team. She is a devoted swimmer and will defend this sport to the bitter end. It is like running for 5 minutes without breathing - and unlike running, you could drowned. She is so excited for the summer olympics and the synchro competition.

This has been the first week of practice and she has been counting down the days since Feb. 1. Tryouts for the various teams are today. I know that she will do her best and work hard. I am like any mom and want to write a pleading letter to the coach to give her a chance, you won't be disappointed. Yet, I know that my daughter can be better and wants to work to do that. I also know that this coach picks her favorite swimmers - not always based on ability. Charity is a people pleaser and I just pray today that the coach will see Charity's heart and put her in the best possible position to succeed. My heart and mind is thinking of her today.

If you think about it. Say a quick prayer that Charity will swim her bast at tryouts and that the coaches will place her with the best team.


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