Thursday, March 15, 2007

Charity's BFF

Charity (like many teenagers) have adopted this abbreviated way of talking with letters - for instant messaging and text messaging purposes. Like - LOL for Laugh out loud. I have tried to keep up with her common phrases, but sometimes my age shows and I can't quite comprehend what she is talking about.

Anyway, she went on this junior high church retreat this weekend. Her last one in Jr. High. It was a bittersweet trip. My daughter just loves music - christian pop mostly, like Reliant K, Hawk Nelson and her most recent favorite is Stellar Kart. She loves to move and jump around during worship - like a christian mosh pit. It is such a freeing thing to see her praise and move to the music in worship.

The worship leader for the junior high and high school group has noticed her exuberance and somehow they are now BFF after the retreat. If this was in a different setting, I would be greatly concerned that a lead singer of a band - much older than my daughter was even suggesting this. But, because I know the character of both - it is an encouragement to me to see her connecting with God through the music created by this leader.

Just yesterday, her BFF, was awarding the best worshipper the use of his "rockstar" hat. Charity just loved the song, Forever and ever and ever... by David Crowder, and set out worshipping in her usual style. She now gets to keep the hat until next Wednesday.

God is so good and will reach us in many ways. I am so thankful that He continues to have his hand on my daughter.

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