Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lady at Wal-Mart Photo Kiosk

I had a busy day yesterday that started when I left for work at 6:45 am and did not end until 8:45 pm when I returned home. This is a typical Wednesday schedule since my husband and I split kid duty and take the kids to separate locations for church (we have two campus' and the kids program is at one building and the Jr. high program is at the other).

I was trying to get some errands done before I picked up my daughter from synchro practice. I wanted to scan 7 pictures and make some extra prints. I approached the kiosk and it turned out that this lady was using both of the photo machines. I could see this being a possibility early in the morning when nobody is shopping yet, but not around 5pm in the evening. It gets busy with us working moms stopping places without the kids before we go home. I tried not to huff and puff like I wanted to. I guess that it is not something that I would do.

In the midst of this, my husband calls and asks if I want the Caribou Card for tonight while I am waiting for my daughter. I don't really get good reception in Wal-mart anyway and I didn't want to lose my spot in line that this lady had created. I just said "I can't hear you, I am in Wal-mart, I will call you back". I was assuming he was on his way to get Eli, dinner and then church. So, a few minutes later he calls again and says, "Where are you?". I said, "I am in Wal-mart". "Where in Wal-mart?". "By the photo machine", I said. Click. I have been waiting about 15 minutes for this lady to finish burning 2 CD's with 200 photos. Why would you do this at Wal-mart? Don't you have a computer at home? I was by then getting a little judgemental. I just figure that if you have a digital camera, don't you have a computer to store those photos on? Otherwise, why make the CD?

My poor husband arrives as I am thinking these wonderfully Christian thoughts and I was about ready to blow. I just didn't want to be spending my time this way. I quickly grabbed the card from him and told him to go get our son because he was running late because he stopped to give me the stupid Caribou card. The poor guy - he didn't even see it coming. I called later (from Caribou) to apologize and explain my frustration about this lady.

And yes, I finally did get my pictures scanned. Thanks for reading.


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Cheri said...

Wow - look at you - a few days off and you've almost doubled your number of posts! LOL

Can I tell you how much I miss everyone, everywhere (read yesterday's post and you'll understand my mind frame right now)!