Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Reflection #2

Friday- Usual busy day at work with the students being excited about it being Friday. Came home and wasn't sure what to make for dinner - almost opted for the "eating out" card. We are really trying to save money, so we had breakfast for dinner instead. I figured that I should cook something since I was leaving the men to there own devices and going scrapbooking. Charity was spending the night at a synchro friends house to work on her routine. It is all about synchro now.

Saturday - Our usual clean the house kind of day. Since I am gone all week, the cleaning is left for Saturdays. Roger does the floors and I do bills and laundry. It took longer this week since I did sheets. I just don't have time to do sheets every week, so I get around to it about once a month. I really should find some time to dust - the kids are starting to write their names on the coffee table again. I just hate dusting. We went to church and as always it was a blessing to her Steve Duede play and her a great sermon on Parenting.

Sunday- We really try to keep the "Sabbath". It isn't all rest, but during NASCAR season I sit and watch the fast cars drive in a circle. We usually have a nice dinner - since I have time to cook. This day was super fun - we went to the NEWSBOYS concert at the Target Center as a family. Two bands opened for them, Stellar Kart and Kutless - very good christian rock bands as well. The funniest comment was made by one of the concession ladies, "I didn't expect it to be this loud". It cracks me up when christians are put in a box - I guess that we do the same with God all the time. Even christians can rock the house. Eli was dancing and playing his air guitar - all in worship! Charity was pretending not to like it, but her lips were moving - since she knew every word! It really was fun.

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Cheri said...

It sounds like a great weekend. Even though I don't work (much) outside the home, my husband is in charge of floors. I just plain hate doing them. Of course, I'm always in charge of shopping, bill paying and cooking, whether I'm working or not!