Monday, March 05, 2007


I wish that Charity liked to ski. We have gone to Trollhaugen (a local midwest hill) the past couple of Sundays. Roger and I enjoy it and Eli seems to like the speed and risk of it. He is done with lessons for the season and skied with us this Sunday. We were on the green hills all day, but he was having a great time and didn't really fall. Charity ends up staying at home - alone. I don't want to make her go, she just doesn't like the cold and would rather be swimming.

Because of our new found family (almost) activity, it was time to get new equipment. Roger originally bought me used ski's when we first got married 12 years ago. So, my equipment is a little old and probably unsafe. The boots are probably okay, but nobody will take my old straight skis. So, with our income tax money we decided to get me new equipment - ladies shaped skis and new boots. It hasn't really helped me ski any better, but I have seen worse. My whole idea is to not get hurt as my body ages - I am not quite as flexible as I use to be. Next year will be Roger's turn for new skis - his bindings aren't quite as old as mine.

We are just trying to stay active and skiing is a great winter activity. The new snow was also great to ski on this weekend.

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