Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phone Envy

My husband and I qualify for a "free" phone upgrade if we renew our 2-year contract with our cellphone provider. We had renewed it anyway when we added Charity to our plan, so the new phone would just be a bonus!

We looked on the website and found a bunch to choose from. Roger picked one with all the bells and whistles and when it arrived - Charity just drooled over it. You would think that she had never seen a cellphone before the way she carried on! It was a "Razor"!!! Roger actually didn't like it and ended up exchanging it for something different. Charity just couldn't believe that he would want to return it if he could have a "Razor". She had Phone Envy.

Roger and I try to be practical - and didn't jump into the whole cell phone phenomenon until recently. We really just want a phone that is a phone. That is all we use it for. Charity is much more adept and uses it as a planner, with alarms and all. I find that taping notes to the dashboard of my car works much better than trying to figure out how to post a memo on my phone? I must be showing my age again...

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