Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Reflection #1

Friday night - Took Charity to her weekend church retreat. She didn't even want us to wait for the bus to leave. Used a gift certificate to go out for dinner.

Saturday - Took advantage of having only one child and went to the auto show in Minneapolis. I got to sit in my Miata. I could get lots of tickets in that. We went straight to church from there. I love our Edge service. Lots of loud music! It isn't for everyone, but we like it. We were celebrating our involvement as a church in helping establish a relationship with a village in Mozambique. Our goal in working with World Vision is to meet there physical and spiritual needs - clean water, food security, education and learning God's word. It is such a blessing to be able to give of the huge blessings that God has given us in America.

Sunday - Got up "early" (8am, 7am with the time change here last Sat) and took Eli skiing one last time before our mountain of snow melts. It is suppose to be 50 degrees today! The snow was starting to get slushy by the time we left at about 1pm. Came home to watch NASCAR while the husband went to get Charity from her retreat.

Overall, a good and fun weekend. Thanks for reading.


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